Hello, I’m Chau Thuy. This blog is where I’ll share some details about my calligraphy, drawings and books. I would like to share some additional insight into what went into the creation of a work of art. Thanks for visiting!

Bloodstained Sea is now on Amazon!

I am happy to announce that the official First Edition of my book Bloodstained Sea is now available on Amazon, both hardcover & paperback options. Vực Xoáy only is available in paperback. https://www.amazon.com/Bloodstained-Sea-Part-Chau-Thuy/dp/1733925023/ https://www.amazon.com/Bloodstained-Sea-Part-Chau-Thuy/dp/1733925007/

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Women Traits

Women’s true beauty radiates from within. Although superficial beauty ideals have changed throughout time, it is the innermost qualities that are sustaining. Human beings tend to be obsessed with outer beauty or outer selves more than inner beauty or inner selves. To possess these good traits outlined in the artwork would increase the experience of…

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Tin Vui

Châu Thụy xin được chia sẻ một tin vui đến với quý độc giả. Tập truyện Vực Xoáy và Bloodstained Sea hiện đang được trưng bày tại thư viện Hennepin County, thành phố Minnetonka, tiểu bang Minnesota. một hệ thống thư viện công cộng lớn thứ 10 tại Hoa Kỳ tính theo tổng số sách…

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