Center or Heart - Tâm

A person’s character is at the heart of a person’s morality.

As beautifully displayed in the Impressionistic Calligraphy, one heart facing inward represents the seed of one’s character, and the other heart facing outward manifests the blossom of one’s character into gracious acts.

With proper nurture, the seed of one’s character can grow into a human being with good heart and well intention.

This human being will blossom into a beauty and will exquisitely display gracious acts as a flowers show off their magnificence in Spring.

It takes a great character to command good deeds. One’s inner strength is one’s character. And it is what you do that defines you.


Ta: representing a person
Tam: heart or center
Shape of two hearts: representing balance between introversion (inward) and extroversion (outward)