Longevity - Tho

Pursuing of healthy life style without stress can greatly impact a person’s longevity. What one needs for longevity is to be flexible enough to adapt to any surroundings with as little stress as possible.

We know that adaptation is a process that enables all living things to cope successfully with environmental stress in order to survive. Such adaptability is artfully crafted in this Impressionistic Calligraphy by Chau Thuy.

A life span in one life form might be finite. Yet there really is no ending or beginning of life in a life cycles. As these cycles link together, the end of one life form a simply the transition to another beginning.

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Strong and Heavy Stroke: Firmness and healthy.
Uninterrupted Curve: Flexibility and adaptability.
A Line Across: presenting a finite lifespan.
Loops: presenting life cycles linking together.