Love Reflection 1

A true love is made of two complementary halves. One half and the half, its reflection, complete each other. A leaf is a symbol of symmetry, and the beauty of true love lies within this symmetry. Although its color of passion might fade away with time, its identity remains the same.

The ultimate bonding between the two individuals is symbolized by the lines of symmetry of a leaf that holds together its two complementary halves to complete its form, a true love.

One can see one’s own surroundings and understand one’s situations better by putting oneself in a different perspective. Thus, if one wishes to have a complete view of the world then one would rather find a significant other who is complementary to oneself than searching for someone who is similar. Passion is the natural attraction between a man and woman. But a relationship based solely on passion might not last.

For a long-lasting relationship between the two individuals, besides passion there must be a mutual understanding, support and respect which should be expected to grow stronger and stronger over times as passion might eventually fade away.

In order to withstand the test of time, true love needs constant care and nurture.

Vo Am


Red: color of love and happiness.
Yellow: color of faithfulness.
Leaf: its beauty lies within its symmetry and longevity. Its identity will not change even though its color might fade with time.