Mother’s Love – “Mẹ Yêu”

Mother’s love for her child is undoubtedly the greatest love of all, the Mother of all loves.
As gracefully demonstrated in this Impressionistic Calligraphy , the universal symbol of love, a rose, has been and continued to be an inspiration embedded in numerous art works from classical to modern paintings across many cultures. Rose has many meaning of Goddess of love in the Greek mythology.

There are just not enough words to describe the generosity and grace of the Mother’s love.

I respectfully bow to my Mother for her sacred sacrifices, her gracious love, and her nurturing me into a humble person today.

There is no beauty can ever come close to the Mother’s love.


Long Stem Rose: an universal and unconditional love
Mom holding child in her arms: symbol of nurturing.
Stem leaning forward: represent grace and respect as a symbol of a person standing and bending forward to bow.