Belief & Ideal

In search for freedom we have made great sacrifices. Although we have lost almost everything we loved from our homes and country to our friends and family, we were determined to maintain our culture and the “Việt” identity!

As skillfully captured in this Impressionistic Calligraphy art work by Chau Thuy, the “Việt” brilliantly illuminates our color and identity. It gloriously displays our pride, value, tradition and appreciation of freedom through our history of thousands of years of struggles to regain and to maintain the “Việt” identity.

Our culture, value and ideal are meticulously crafted by Chau Thuy and artistically captured in this Impressionistic Calligraphy.

Yellow: color of the Vietnamese people
Red: suffering and bleeding from constant struggles.
Moon: In Vietnamese culture and mid-Autumn festival celebrates end of a good harvesting season.
Man: raising hand in celebration of freedom.
Woman: farmer wearing “Non La” working in rice fields.
Sword: wars and struggle
Torch: frame of freedom
S shape: ‘S’ curve of costal borders in Vietnam